display menu in sidebar not working well

asked Jan 4 in Joomla Templates by office244 (180 points)
i have designed a sidebar menu with position "left",

when displaying the main menu in this position the design of the top-menu is used, when displaying the login form in this position, all is working well

please could somebody tell me what i am doing wrong???

1 Answer

answered Jan 8 by lisa-west (30,900 points)

TemplateToaster provides a separate option to design Sidebar menu, to separate design sidebar menu please follow the steps provided below :

Go to TemplateToaster -> Sidebar Menu tab -> Style background/border/typography for sidebar menu.


commented Jan 9 by office244 (180 points)
thx, but this is not working correct in Joomla,
if i place a menu in the sidebar position, it is designed like the Menu in TT not like the design of Sidebar Menu!
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