in Issues/Bugs by eric102 (120 points)
I'm trying to browse all available templates including those available online but when I do I get the above message. I absolutely have an internet connection so what gives? The message doesn't offer any real diagnostic info so I'm at a loss as to what is wrong.

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by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Which web browser you are using ? Did you try with https://  prefix i.e.


Please provide me a screenshot here if you still get any issue.
by eric102 (120 points)
It wasn't a web browser per se, it was TemplateToaster itself when I hit the "More Templates" button in the template "browser".  Sorry, I should have clarified that. I'll fire it up again and grab a shot.. Also the "http:" definitely doesn't read as "https:", if that might be the actual problem.
by eric102 (120 points)
This is one of the places it happens for me..
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