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Hello, how can I edit a table in footer. I don't know how to change border, background colour, etc. I'm just able to add or clear rows, cols or table.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please open a support ticket at and provide the detailed explanation of your query i.e which CMS you are using etc. Our support team will guide you accordingly.
by saypar (240 points)
I get this answer from support: 'You can not change the styles once the table has been added.'

Templatetoaster team, this is really poor. I also learned that there is no possibility to edit html in content (also header, footer, etc.)  I'm frustrated, if i knew before i would not buy TT. I don't need an content editor if I'm not able to edit important basic things. It is so exhausting to edit the files after export. And I have to edit every time I make an update on that theme.

I bought TT as an alternative for artisteer. TT has really good innovates but these basically important things I'm missing disappoint me.
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