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Hi there

An excellent feature for TemplateToaster that i know would be great to have in TT for many peoples. In each tab's of TemplateToaster they would have "2 check mark box". One would be to checkmark to (On/Off) the option "Auto-Style".

What is "Auto-Style"?

Well when a customer is designing his/her way that the (Main Menu) or/and (Side Menu) show. The "current page" the user is onto, by checkmarking the square "Auto-Style" (turning it On); make all the other pages apply the same style for all the menu's on each pages.

What ever the page the customer is onto, when he/she make some changes and that the "Auto-Style" has a check mark into. It auto apply to all menu's. Uncheckmarking the "Auto-Style" square box, make the customers can design each pages as wanted also, but the changes are not made to the other webpages.

This "Auto-Style" feature make customers take less time in there designing of there (menu's). Like business peoples say: "Time is Money". So if a customer that want to make some website by a customer that have paid your TemplateToaster software. This will make the user of TT, take less time in the design process.

Also "Auto-Style" make the webpages be conform to the other pages and ergonomics, since it use the same style, same design, same colors and same images for the (menu's).

The option 2 is called "Auto-Banner".

What is the check box mark to turn to (On/Off) the word "Auto-Banner"?

"Auto-Banner" is an other feature that would be also very good into TemplateToaster. When the "Auto-Banner" check box is checked, then the "current page" the user is onto; then the (Banner-Zone or/and Slides-Zone) apply to all the other webpages. It is very similar to the option "Auto-Style", since the option "Auto-Banner" apply to it also to each pages.

What is the difference between the option "Auto-Style" and the option "Auto-Banner"?

Well when both "Auto-Style" and the option "Auto-Banner" has a checkmark into the small square box. The modifications on the "current page" apply the same design and components to each pages menu's and each banner-slides-zone.

When the customer do some changes on some current pages and that (only the "Auto-Style") box has a checkmark into. Then the pages has the same menu's. The user can change the banner zone of the pages he/she want, like put some banner, icons, images, colors, slides, etc.

This make the user have the same menu's on each pages and design the banner-slides-zone as wanted of each page.

When the square check box is checked (turned On) of only the option "Auto-Banner" then the customer making some changes on the current page; this auto apply the same (Banner-Slides-Zones Style) to the other webpages. Still can make some changes of the current pages menu's, that dont auto-apply to the other webpages.

I'm sure that many peoples would love these 2 features options put into each tabs!

Thank's for your time and i'm glad to help the TT team.


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Thanking you for concern and helping the TemplateToaster team to make it better. TemplateToaster already follows the concept of Auto-Styling/Auto-Banner of the tabs, e.g TemplateToaster template have the number of tabs, the first one is the Home tab. As the user will apply any layout/style for Home tab it will be applied to all the tabs until and unless the next tab i.e
AboutUs/Contact will not be modified itself.

Once any tab's layout i.e header, menu, slider, content is designed independently, styles will be generated on the basis of their own style.
Until and unless you will not design layout i.e header/menu/slider/footer/content of AboutUs tab, home page's styles and layout will be
inherited on all tabs, once About-us/Contact/newly-generated page's layout and styles are modified the tab will have its own style generated.

Same flow is applied in case of all the E-commerce CMSes, until and Unless the user hasn't designed Description, Cart, and Checkout pages, The shop page layout will be applied. Once designed the further pages, they will own their own independently generated styles.

Your efforts for TemplateToaster will be much appreciated, You can also post you're any of the feature-request to our user voice page
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Yes i have notice that when you change the "Home Page", the (Menu's) and (Banner) change also.

"The problem" giving you the situation...

When a customer change some menu or/and banner on a page that is "not" the (Home Page), it give the style and banner of the page choosen.

Then the customer "want" to completely remake the menu's and banner's (same for each pages). So the customers go to the "Home Page" do his/her changes.

After goes see all the pages to see if they all have the same menu's, banner's, slides, icons, etc.

The customer then notice that there is changes that have been made to the other pages, "but not all pages"; because there is some pages that is not the (Home Page) that have been personalized.

So suppose a customer change 20 pages, giving them each a menu and banner. Then want to do the next step to go to the "Home Page" making all other 20 pages have the same menu style and same banner style. So the customer change the "Home Page" and notice that the other 20 pages is not like the "Home Page". The customer had made different pages "just to test different look's".

So the customer can possibly get mad or angry, because the customer must change all 20 pages. The other option is "clone the page". The last option is "start from scratch".

This because changing the "Home Page" did not had make the changes to all the pages.

A solution...

A check mark box in each tab for "Auto-Style" and check mark box for "Auto-Banner".

You can try what i mean into TemplateToaster.

First create 10 pages.

Next give each page some menu style and banner style "different" on each pages.

After go to the "Home Page" do some changes on the menus and banner (expecting) that the changes will be made to the other pages. "Notice" that there are many previous pages that had stay the same.

Note there is a percentage of peoples, that would do this kind of experiments. Expecting later-on giving the same pages menu's and banners to all pages. The percentage is not at zero, of potential customers doing this experiment.

Thank's for your time.

I hope that my test, different perspectives and different views; will make TT grows.

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