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How do I get search box to stay in Slider Banner, I saw this site ( I'll like to have a search in my slider like that. Is it possible with TT?


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TemplateToaster provides an option to draw custom widget area/module positions inside Header/menu/slider/footer. You can draw a widget area inside slider and place search widget from the CMS backend after installing the theme/template.

To draw the widget area inside slider please follow the steps provided below:

Go to TemplateToaster -> Click on Widget Area/Module Position/Block reference tab -> Draw position -> Widget Areas -> Select slideshow. It will create a widget area inside slideshow named SlideshowPos1, you can rename it as per your requirement.

Once you have installed and activated the template at CMS end, you can place search widget at the pre-designed position.

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Thanks, I will check it out.
by unmuted-media (520 points)
Thanks,  exactly what I needed
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