Does a "Start from Scratch" desktop site automatically create a correctly formatted tablet and phone version?

asked Jul 2 in HTML Website by jwb (120 points)

Specifically, as I want to create a website from scratch, my 2 questions:

1. Does a "Start from Scratch" desktop site simultaneously/automatically create a correctly formatted tablet and phone version?

2. If I want my website to display "properly" on desktops, tablets, AND cell phones, does it matter if I choose "fixed" or "fluid" width layout?

Thank you!

1 Answer

answered Jul 4 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

TemplateToaster provides separate option to set element's positions for the desktop view as well as tablet and mobile view. So you need to set element's positions as per your requirement.

Also, TemplateToaster provides an option to set layout either fixed or fluid for the better customization of Website layout. Element's position/width assigned in case of the Fixed layout will remain to fix i.e in pixel for different screen resolutions while fluid layout provides values in percentage which are flexible for different screen resolutions so for the better view of Web page even for different-different resolutions we recommend you to choose the fluid layout.

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