What is a Hamburger Menu

asked Jul 2 in General Discussion by sfavrongmail-com (260 points)
Hi there

On page 106 of your pdf documentation of 495 pages. It is writen: Give the latest Hamburger menu...

But it dont have any descriptions about what is a Hamburger menu?

For me a Hamburger menu is a simple square when clicked show the menu, that the menu can also have some sub-menu.

So for my writing and friends, how can i say for starter's and describe for starter's:

What is a hamburger menu?

What would describe a hamburger menu?

Thank's for your time.


1 Answer

answered Jul 4 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

Hamburger menu is basically a three stripped menu icon i.e mobile menu is a graphical shortcut originated in order to save space on smaller devices (like smartphones). On devices with even smaller user interfaces. The older version of TemplateToaster provided this option for mobile view only, now the latest version i.e TemplateToaster v7 provides this option for desktop as well as tablet view for more customizing and enhance the Web page layout.

commented Jul 7 by sfavrongmail-com (260 points)
Thank's Lisa!

Your text gonna help my writing.

commented Jul 14 by painperdu (190 points)
Everyone refers to it as a hamburger menu but it is really more like a pancake.
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