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Hi there there is some bug, but it is more a feature request for all customers.

The Bug:

When i install TT software "without activated" it start great. But when i uninstall the software it give some error message saying "not deactivated properly"

Logically... How can a software be deactivated properly, when it have not been activated at all??

Now the feature i ask:Auto-Deactivating-Before-Uninstalling-Online_Image

I have installed the latest version and activated with my activation number. I have try it offline. "It's Great it dont crash offline". Now i can recommend to my friends to buy Template Toasters License, because they can use it offline.

The feature i ask and i'm sure many customers would agree.

I'm gonna first give you this situation that many business peoples could do, that the percentage is not at zero that this situation dont happen.

The situation:

A customer uninstall Template Toaster, but the user forget to click before the uninstallation; to choose before the button "deactivate".

The customer is angry at TT because he/she must buy an other activation license number to activate it. Since it have been activated and forgotten to be deactivated, before to uninstall TT software.

Solution i recommend to make less desapointed customers of Template Toaster........

When a user is "online" (as when deactivating online), when the user "forget" to deactivate before uninstalling.

The uninstalling process "check" if the user is online, after check if the software is activated; then auto-deactivate if the customer have "forgotten to deactivate before uninstall".

I think many customers would love this feature. That the software auto-check in the uninstall process to deactivate TT software.

That would cause less customers frustrations to the peoples related to TT!

I also join some image showing the bugs.


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Thank you for considering and supporting TemplateToaster. I have forwarded your suggestion to the development team, they will surely look into your query. 

by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
Thank's for the things you do for your help, support and time. I'm glad that you Lisa-West and that Mike Davis work at TT, your are nice peoples. Thank's to all of you at TT. I hope that peoples appreciate your self as much as i do, also that there are polite and respectful to your self?

I'm glad to support TemplateToaster. When you'll have time could you check my Ticket number: #331770? Just want to know what you think about what ive done so far. Note that it is still not finished and still under construction.

Once again thank's for your time and help.
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