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I have once again tested your latest version wich is It still crash!!

Here is the bug report:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01:    TemplateToaster.exe
  Problem Signature 02:
  Problem Signature 03:    5b2cf055
  Problem Signature 04:    WindowsBase
  Problem Signature 05:    4.7.3062.0
  Problem Signature 06:    5ab9588a
  Problem Signature 07:    f57
  Problem Signature 08:    17
  Problem Signature 09:    System.InvalidOperationException

Here is the steps i make:

1 - Open TemplateToaster

2 - Click on HTML 5

3 - Choose "Start From Scratch"

4 - A window with 3 buttons apear as..... "Activate", "Continue Trial".

5 - If i click on "Continue Trial" or the "X" at this window it crash.

What i have notice is when i open TemplateToaster beiing "Online" it dont crash

But when i open TemplateToaster "Offline" it always crash wether the option i choose.

Note that there are software to create some web pages that are free and they open real good, (Offline and Online). Also there are paid softwares to create web page, that dont crash when used (Offline and Online).

I hope that you will make it usable (Offline also) without internet. There are business man and women, that want to use there softwares offline.

There are even situations that the users want to use there software without beiing on the internet.

There is also some situations........

Then suppose there is some big and very strong wind, this make some big branch of a tree fall on the phone line; wich cut the internet that use the phone line.

There is also the situations of these animals as squirrel's that chew the line, that is used making the internet not available. This beside i know that there is some company's wether phone company's or cable's company's that do some fixes or updates in there boxes; telephone or cable pole wich could result as internet connexion lost.

There is also the situations that fire fighters must cut the electricity, because some house or some skyscrapper that heat with fuel-gaz have a hole in the pipe; and some electricity-spark could give some ignition to the fire-gaz.

A big vehicule or car crashing in a house, is an other example.

I know that some situations are extrême. But you can not say that these percentage of events is at "Zero(0)", and can not and will not happen. There are many situations wich could make some softwares users not beiing able to use the internet.

The business peoples because of so cant use templatetoaster software, not able to use it offline could make some bad comments and even could make some bad gossip's about templatetoaster. Wich would result as money lost to the company, even bad gossip's that could stay for years to come!

Me i like very much TemplateToaster and the peoples related to it. But i hope that the issue/bug to make TemplateToaster possible to use offline also, will be fixed.

Thank's for your time.


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by templatetoaster (24.8k points)

Thank you for reporting the issue.
We have solved the issue in the latest build( You can download it from here
by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
Thank's for the time and help. I will check it when i'll have the time.

I looked quite a fool in front of my friend, when he asked my self if i know a great software to create webpages. So i recommended TemplateToaster.

But when i opened it, and it crashed in front of his face and mine. He have told my self, what he would look like in front of some customers opening TT; to create some websites for them?

If i see other problems, dont worry i will tell you each steps i do; and the error report for the goodness of Template Toaster, and your team that i like very much and appreciate so much also.

I just hope that later versions of TT, that you'll think to make it workable offline as some high priority objectif. This for any business peoples that want to create webpages in front of some customers offline.

Once again thank's for your time and help.

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