Program Crash / Output is really wierd

asked Apr 12 in Issues/Bugs by roky357 (200 points)
Program is crashing on regular intervals, Even the output is wierd, lossing breakpoints and images are getting zoomed (extra large size)
Custom css code is not working,

Adding css code manually works perfectly.

2 Answers

answered Apr 14 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

Please open a support ticket at with more details of the issue. Our support team will provide you an appropriate solution.

answered Apr 15 by roky357 (200 points)

I have installed latest version of TemplateToaster. still prefix bug is not fixed, whenever i try to change css prefix from website preferences eg. renamed ttr_ to mxt_ or any other name images starts stretching,

Can anyone guide me or provide tutorials for adding header in tables.

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