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TemplateToaster just does not work properly with Wordpress, the left or right sidebars almost make you crazy, I'm desperate.

the standard template (sites, blog for contents) is totally messed up with the page template (site templates).

Please separate the program parts, so you can select contents or standard templates as in version 6.


The programmers should try once to create a template with 3 page templates (one with sitebar left, one with sitebar right, and one without a sitebar) and a blog with two sidebars, left and right.

Are you really happy with it, I do not think so.  You will not be able to get all sidebars displayed correctly.

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We are unable to generate the issue at our end following above provided steps. Please open a support ticket with your ttr file attached at Our support team will guide you accordingly.

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Thank you very much. Good work template toaster team. In the newest version these bugs are fixed.
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