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I've see the html page in TT by accident when changing views, but don't see how to see page on purpose.

One help instruction says to export, then see "index.htm" to get HTML page, but no "index.htm" is generated on export.

When I open my TT page in a notebook type ap, of course I get the universal translation, i.e., gobbledegook.

Please could someone offer a way to view the html?  I can't upload a TT file to my host, so need to generate the HTML page.

thank you

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by lisa-west (31.9k points)

To upload designed template to your host please export your template.To export a template to the required CMS please follow the steps.
Go to TemplateToaster -> File -> Export.

Now you can install and activate your exported zip or folder to your host.

For more details please refer to the link: -> Template Upload and Configuration Instructions -> Check upload instructions as per your required CMS.

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