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asked Feb 27 in New Features Discussion by eludethedude (120 points)
I've noticed that Template Toaster 7 removes the option for a Slideshow when building an Opencart Template.
Can I ask why this is? Do you plan to add this feature? How Should I incorporate this into my theme?


1 Answer

answered Mar 1 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

Opencart provides its own slideshow for templates. You can edit the slideshow from opencart backend. For this, please follow the steps provided below:
Go to Opencart backend -> Design -> Banners -> Homepage Slideshow -> Edit -> You can add/remove the images for slideshow from here.
For removing the slideshow images, please follow the steps provided below.  
Go to the image which you want to remove -> Click (-) for removing the slideshow image -> Save.
For adding a new image/banner to slideshow, please follow the steps provided below:
Click (+) for adding a new banner -> Click on image -> Edit -> Upload -> Select -> Save.

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