Module transparency not working

asked Feb 1 in Joomla Templates by dann_iel (200 points)
Hello TemplateToaster team,

I have an question regarding transparency of module background. I putted module position in the header and I have choose no background to keep module position transparent!

But it's still white when I post text in this module position in joomla. I am using Custom module. It's not transparent. Please, help to fix. I am getting crazy, tried everything. Body and page position have no background too, but I have still white area around text in custom module position.

Other question is: Is there possibility to change hyperlink of an already inserted front image or logo???
I didn't find any option to do that.

Best regards,


1 Answer

answered Feb 2 by lisa-west (27,440 points)

To change the module background as transparent, please follow the steps provided below:
Go to Joomla backend -> Extensions -> Templates -> edit theme -> Style options -> find your module -> set dropdown to none rather than TT-default -> click save.
For the issue related to logo hyperlink please open a support ticket: and provide the related ttr and exported zip file in it, our development team will check for the issue at their end.

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