How to order text areas?

asked Jan 30 in Joomla Templates by dann_iel (200 points)
Good day,

I have one question.

I am trying to make more than one text area in the header of my joomla template.
I was looking how can I manage/ order text layers. I did not find a solution. I need to put some layers to the back and some layers to the front.

Hope it's not to remove layers and make new layers again how I needs. It's not right solution, because I need than to design again all the layers for mobile devices.

Please advice.

I am using Templatetoaster 6

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

answered Feb 1 by lisa-west (27,440 points)

Currently TemplateToaster does not provide the option to index text areas, this feature is already planned for the next version of TemplateToaster. We will provide this feature in the upcoming version of TemplateToaster.

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