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Hi there,

I finally upgraded to TT6 and now I ran into some issues:

1.I wanted to rework an older TT4 template. Opening from the start screen is not possible, an error message says that it was built with a newer version (???) and I should update TT. I am running the currect version... Opening the file from the open menu within the program loads most of the template, but I cannot work on it. All items are greyed out, I can only close the program. Is there a way to import a template designed with an earlier version of TT?

2. I like to have a sidebar menu on the right side with the modules below (one column). This is not possible,I can only have this on the left side or menu left - modules right or menu and modules side by side on the right side in a two-clolumn sidebar. In TT4 it was possible to have all in one column on the right side. Has this feature been removed or do I miss a trick?

3. All of the above also applies for TT7. Btw, TT7 is workung fine up to now, but the reaction on some changes is much slower than with TT6. E. g. the preview when I change the sidebar layout: TT6 responds immediately without a noticible delay, TT7 takes up to two seconds to react. This can be observed with some other actions as well and should be fixed for the final version.

Edit: Sidebar menu with TT7 is messed up, needs further investigation.



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1. You can edit a lower version template in higher version of TemplateToaster i.e you can open TemplateToaster version 4 generated template in TemplateToaster version 5 or 6 but once the template is edited with higher version you can not reopen that in lower version 4 again.

2.To have sidebar menu at right position, you can assign sidebar menu to right position after installing exported template within CMS. For more details please follow the steps provided below.

Go To TemplateToaster -> Select both sidebar layout -> Design Sidebar Menu as per your requirement.

After exporting template to specific CMS  assign module/widget position right to sidebar menu module/widget

3. As currently TemplateToaster version 7 beta is in testing phase you may face any issue or query, our development team is working to make it more fast. Please feel free to contact us back for further queries.

Please open a support ticket at and provide some sidebar menu issue related screenshot so that we can provide you an appropriate solution.




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thank you for the answers. I will try assigning the menu in the CMS (actually it is Joomla).
Concerning theimport of older templates: After opening the fileIfirst get this message:

After clicking "Nein Danke (no thanks)" the file is opened, not 100% correctly, but most of it. But now it is not possible to edit anything! Clicking on a menu item in the ribbon shows no reaction. It is not possible to save the file, a click on FILE (DATEI) does not open the menu, I can only close the program. It appears as if the file was protected against any changes...

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