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Everyone on TemplateToaster: I'm introducing myself! After buying & receiving refunds for several web builders, it looks like TemplateToaster may be the ticket! Only this company actually supplies a professional-looking User manual for PDF download: hurrah!

Uk Avanquest WebEasy customer Service/software was nice, but limited 'responsive' capabilities: refunded. Bought Magix Xara Web Designer, the Wisconsin office sent me an invoice/activation/serial number: they sent a trial version: unable to access templates?!?Called WI about the issue, but they said I needed to contact Xara, as their WI office only deals with their own software: so I cancelled that software. Now I'm here and feel better about this software: here's hoping ;) Juli

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Good luck for you
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Thank you for purchasing and supporting TemplateToaster. We appriciate your support for the software. In future if you have any issue or query regarding TemplateToaster, please feel free to contact us on support ticket:

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Hey Juli, welcome to the TT forum and good to see another person that will be using the HTML export. I have purchased several other programs and have landed here also. Looks like TT is the ticket for small to medium sites and prototyping.

You'll find this forum is not quite as personal as others but you can receive answers. The user guide is outdated, especially for Version 7, but a new one is on the truck as they've said.

You don't have as much flexibility positioning your objects as the other programs because of the bootstrap container grid layout. But what a breeze in setting up the breakpoints/variants. You can use fixed or fluid and it's almost automatic with just  a few adjustments in each of the view ports (desktop, tablet and mobile).

If you want to create a responsive/fluid HTML - CSS3 website quickly and easily TT is certainly the best. The only caveat is getting use to the user interface and the somewhat different workflow compared to other WYSIWYG programs. I looked at v6 but jumped in with v7 as that is the future and appears functional.

(You might want to create a different profile so your not showing your email every time you post.)

Good Luck and Kind Regards
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