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Hello it's annoying and please check your previous conversation and again I am facing the same issue, now you do not have the live support?  



We have found the issue. Please contact back on chat.

Chat you have with me:


[2017-04-16 19:11:31] [SHAH-JAHAN] My software stop working

[2017-04-16 19:11:36] [Live Support] Please wait for a moment while we connect you to one of our online operator. It can take anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes for our chat operator to respond.

[2017-04-16 19:12:15] [James] what's the error message?

[2017-04-16 19:13:14] [SHAH-JAHAN] No any error message the tool is not launching

[2017-04-16 19:13:52] [James] Did you try restarting the system?

[2017-04-16 19:15:08] [SHAH-JAHAN] Yes, first I restarted the system then I reinstalled still it's not comming up

[2017-04-16 19:15:36] [James] Are you using the latest version?

[2017-04-16 19:15:56] [SHAH-JAHAN] No - I dot have the licence for that

[2017-04-16 19:16:59] [James] Can you please provide the remote access to your system so that I can check the error?

[2017-04-16 19:17:14] [SHAH-JAHAN] Sure -

[2017-04-16 19:18:51] [James] Do you have anydesk or teamviewer?

[2017-04-16 19:19:24] [SHAH-JAHAN] now I don't

[2017-04-16 19:19:34] [SHAH-JAHAN] No

[2017-04-16 19:20:16] [James] You can download anydesk from here

[2017-04-16 19:21:20] [SHAH-JAHAN] 499 617 540

[2017-04-16 19:22:43] [James] Please accept the connection request

[2017-04-16 19:23:06] [SHAH-JAHAN] I think I did

[2017-04-16 19:42:52] [James] I have forward the issue to development team. You will get an resolution within 24 hours.

[2017-04-16 19:43:28] [SHAH-JAHAN] Ok Thanks"



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Please provide the remote access of your system on live chat, we will check the issue at your end and guide you accordingly.

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