in Drupal Themes by alan200 (180 points)
I get this message when installing a theme created from TT4.2.0.5883 does not contain any .info files.

Zipped export file too big to attach (360Kib)

Had a similar problem with exported Joomla 3.2 template which I posted in the Joomla templates forum.

Any ideas please folks?

3 Answers

by zorgeloosondernemen (200 points)
You need to unzip the .zip file first. Use your TFP client to go to public_html/sites/all/themes and extract the .zip file.

Make sure you exported to the correct drupal version as well.
by keith (180 points)
Same here with TT6 but unzipping doesn't work either. And when manually installing I get the following error: "The specified file could not be uploaded. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: zip tar tgz gz bz2."
Attempted with D7.38 and 7.39
by hassan321 (140 points)
When I display my theme in a web browser, my fonts gets pixelated and ugly. Any idea how I can solve this? I tried it with different fonts, and it's always the same...

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by lisa-west (31.9k points)
Please open a support ticket at with ttr file.
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