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I have a question about export PrestaShop theme from TT. I try do it via information on your website but unfortunately in PrestaShop 1.7 I cannot find option 'Create New Theme'.

Could you help me with this?


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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, TemplateToaster currently supports PrestaShop 1.6 and currently the documentation on our website is for PrestaShop 1.6 only. As soon we will provide PrestaShop 1.7 in TemplateToaster 7, we will also update the documentation for it.

by jaro2140 (120 points)
I try to export PrestaShop theme in version 1.6 also and there also I can not find function 'Create New Theme'. I try everything with your documentation but unfortunately I cannot add new theme to Presta.

by lisa-west (35.1k points)
To install PrestShop theme please follow the steps provided below after exporting the theme :
1. Copy the 'Theme' folder from the exported folder -> Open installation folder -> Open Themes folder-> Paste Your theme here.
2. Open PrestaShop backend -> Go to Preferences -> Go to Themes -> Add new theme -> Create New Theme
'Create New Theme' button resides on lower-left corner of the 'Create a new theme' panel in the window.
3. Select Create New Theme -> fill the required fields , Theme and Directory Name should be same as the name of the exported theme.
4. Save -> Use this theme -> Finish
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