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Dear all! Hello! Can anybody please help me find this drag and drop feature? How do I change blocks position (not after I have exported the theme and installed it on a WP website) . Thank you!

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In Drag and drop feature of TemplateToaster in Wordpress, You can easily change the Size, Angle or Position of every main element with just the drag of mouse on it inside a container. For example, you can change the height of the header or menu etc or You can also change the size,angle or position of an image or text inside a header  by using mouse.
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Hello and thank you for your reply. What I meant was "drag and drop" : when I drag the whole section up or down,  left or right. I am not looking for resize or change the text feature. Where is drag and drop?
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Hey pg, drag and drop refers to a feature of a program. Like dragging an image, object or text block into a cell, header of footer. Sometimes it's holding down the control key and using the left mouse button, others just the mouse. Google "drop and drag". Also note that another post beyond ONE answer is almost never responded to by TT, much better to start a new post than wait forever.

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Thank you for your reply student-donald! I have tried holding down CTRL but still no result: I can not drag an image or a text block into a cell or a header or anywhere. I used Themler before and there you just choose whatever and drag it to anywhere you want it to be. For some reason this feature is not avaiable in TemplateToaster or I am so stupid that I can not find it.  Let's say I want three columns section to be under one column section - I need to redo three columns into one coulmn section instead of just dragging the section up/down. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
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pg, I do have a single page HTML site designed but I am new to TT. Also I am using version 7 because the interface is more streamlined, made more sense and less confusing, IMO. 1st, you can have as many rows as you like, up and down that go across. Within the row you can have 1 to 4 columns or cells. If your using v6 take a look at the content tabs in the user guide. If you're using v7 it's much easier, I think. Just go to the content tab and click anywhere on your page, not header of footer. The right two boxes will turn from gray to black, row and cell. From there you can add, delete, change the number and layout of the rows and the columns/cells within the row.
Also take a look, if you have not, at this blog tutorial as the user guide is toast( ha, ha).
That's about all I can do with my limited knowledge. TT uses bootstrap as it's base kernel, which is great, take a quick look (google bootstrap) when you have time.

In the TT features section it does say Drop & Drag, but as far as I can see the Drop should be dropped. All I can do is drag borders around. Keep in mind, English is NOT their native language.
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