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TT is not updating and states:  up to date


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Dear Friends

PLz Understend TT team There are kids at time there are going to school and learn how to Develop TT

Fun is WooCommerce support 3.1.0 but our TT kids WooCommerce support 2.7  all most 2 year old wooCommerce support we all live in 2017 but TT Kids Live in 2015 so that why he develop 2.7 support wooCommerc Support and at time TT kids are Going To School and there are lean  how to develop a wooCommerce 3.1.0 but teacher are not coming in school there are wait at last 2 year and always go to school and wait teacher to there are not develop other products


all most 6 month there are beta there are try to or that one man company he working on plz support and invest your time that owner is great man and good one plz support and wait same month or year you get good products i also all  most one year and i can not renewal this products i wait for final 7 TT then i thing its best time to investmentin TT or wait more time


i have all most 3 year use TT but at time I am only wait for TT7
by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
I had the same issue. The update from within the program can sometimes be a bit glitchy. Just download the program to your desktop and install. It will overwrite your current version but keep your settings intact! :)
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