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I'm working on a Drupal Theme ( Business Octane templat e). The design provided mockup screens which were made with the Segoe UI font type (supported at each windows computer). I need to build the mockups in the Drupal CMS. Our marketing guys really want me to use the Segoe UI typeface. The theme is providing a few system fonts, but not the Segeo UI.

Is there any chance I can add this font to my theme? Would be great to find out what my options are

Thanks in advance,

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Marc Slegt

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Yes, you can add Segoe UI Font type to your theme. For this you need to select system fonts. To select the system fonts follow the given steps:

1.  Go To TemplateToaster -> File -> Preference -> Font settings -> Select  System fonts -> TemplateToaster will restart .

2.   Select the element -> Typography -> Normal -> Font-Family -> System fonts  ->  Apply Segoe UI Font type .
by marc-slegt (120 points)
This is great!! Thx for your wonderful support!
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