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I'm building my first Joomla template with TT, and there are some issues regarding to styles:
on Canvas I've got header font set to courier, on live view default TT (arial?) appears, same with local preview from ribbon - two different views, FF with configured font, IE with default. Same after exporting and installing - FF is showing page properly, IE fails.

Googled for it, and found that is a IE bug, and some code needs to be added. Checked - in index.php there is a "if" statement, but only for IE7 (no idea if IE8 and IE 9 still needs that) then with created valid .css file for using with all versions of IE. ("if" statement in index.php corected to "IE" instead "IE 7",with hard coded path to second .css file) Almost happy, but child menu on FF works fine, in IE scroling down, but runs out when mouse is going off from parent button...
(can be checked on if not solved myself today)

And my question: is the way to get template working with booth browsers without additional actions after exporting?

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Thanks for reporting, I assume you are referring to Google Fonts, IE doesn't support all the Google fonts, we are checking non supported Fonts and replace them in our next update.
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