in Joomla Templates by service24 (140 points)

in the header of my website is shown the text "logo" without graphics etc. This logo is completly invisible in template toaster. On my Website I can click on the text Logo, he is redirect to templatetoaster. I can't found a way to delete this logo.

Has someone an idea to delete logo?

Thank's a lot and kind regards


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by lisa-west (32.1k points)

Go to Joomla admin -> Extensions -> Templates -> Your template -> Templates: Edit Style -> Header Options -> Display Site Logo -> Hide.
by service24 (140 points)

thank you very much. This option is hide. I created a new template. At first my problem was solved, but now I have this problem with 3 Templates. If I used a Header, I have an invisible Logo and the link shows to TT.
In the background option - background -> images -> more images is the option "link" greyed out and the content is the link of TT.
Maybe is there the problem. I was very grateful, if someone have a solution.

Thank's a lot and kind regards

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