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Hi all,

Using Version: I can't get my category blog menu items to display properly. I've checked it's not Joomla and can't find this problem in the last 12 months or so.

I have several categories and they all have their own category blog page and they are all displayed with 1 leading article and 4 intro articles in 2 columns. That's all fine. I have a new category to add and it will not display as I want. I would like 2 leading articles over 2 colums and no more articles.

I should mention that I've tried this across several browsers - Firefox, Chrome and Opera. All results are the same.

See it here :

I've tried several permutations with blog-layout options in the menu settings and nothing seems to change.

I can't see that I've missed anything and have even gone over the tutorials as offered by Joomla.


Any ideas would be very welcome.



I'm using

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Please open a ticket at support with your TTR file.
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Thanks Lisa.

I have a discovered that it was my including this category blog in a hidden menu. Once I moved it into the main menu, it appears as I want it. However, as it isn't mentioned anywhere else in Joomla forums etc, I will continue to make enquiries.

If you are still going to check from your side, I will still attach my .ttf file to a new support request.

Thanks for your help

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