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Great to see the new version uploaded, today.

Downloaded and installed cleanly. Any new features or changes?

Very enjoyable program to use - thanks for all the development work.


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by templatetoaster (24.8k points)

New features in the latest

1. Google Web Font for every element.
2. Custom font. Now to use a new font, It doesn't need to be installed. It can be browsed from the application itself.
3. Add your own images to the galleries.

4. Joomla Template Options for

5. More WordPress Theme Options like
Header-> Option to change Website Title and Website Slogan, Logo Image Width, Height and Link, Favicon Image
Post/Content-> Show Breadcrumbs On Page, Show Breadcrumbs On Post, Breadcrumbs Prefix, Search Results Per Page
Footer-> Show Social Media Icons, Open Social Media Links In A New Window, Enable rel="nofollow"
Colors-> Page/Post Title Normal and Hover Color
Shortcodes-> Login Form, Custom Menu, Archives, Calendar, Categories, Links, Meta, Pages, Recent Comments, Recent Posts, RSS, Search, Tag Cloud, Text
Contact Us Form->Google Captcha, Error Message, Success Message
General -> Enable Google Analytics, Custom CSS, Display Comments List and Form, Avatar Size, Display Button For Read More, Display Search Icon In Search Widget
Google Map
Maintenance Mode Page
Error Page

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Good job TT team! Keep up the great work!

Many thanks for your continued support! :)
Many thanks for this ... very impressive. The new features add to an excellent package.

by lifeok (1.4k points)
you can do this our software quality very improve if you do this

we Know
You can Do it
by pro-zocker (720 points)
when will it be released as stable version?
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
when will it be released as stable version?

TemplateToaster 4.2 is now available as stable release:
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