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Hello everyone,
It would be useful to be able to choose the block above the footer (and below the slide) can be a maximum width or fit to page.
Thank you

2 Answers

by lisa-west (31.9k points)

You can give full width to your module position from TemplateToaster -> Module Position ->  Select your module position ->  position Cell -> Width -> 12.
by mbclick (220 points)

This is an example.


I wanna do this:


Is it possible?


by lisa-west (31.9k points)
You have set the full width to your menu, so your menu module position will also take full width i.e your menu width.
by mbclick (220 points)
I would be interested to have both. Module position with maximum width (just like the menu, 100%) and module position with width like the page (example 990px). Both before and after the content.
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