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Created a new image with the size of 300 pixels x 1380 pixels. When using the .PNG format, the quality is fine on TT as a slideshow's background. However, if I use the same image in JPEG format at 100% quality, the image is very blurry ?

What do I need to do to get the JPEG image to have the same output quality as the PNG file. The PNG file to way too large in size for a website. I have tried the various background settings ?

Thanks for your time.

Megan - Web Designer/Tester

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Please open a support ticket  and please provide your jpeg images for the quick solution:

by technobudd (200 points)

Was able to resolve the issue. Deleted all the slideshows on the template and then created a new slideshow with a new image. Working fine now ?

Thanks for your time.

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