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Hi, I tried to find a solution in the forum but I only found older posts where the answer was, that is is fixed :)

I create a Joomla template with fluid layout and use a vertical menu, for mobile view as slide down. No matter how I define the menu (open on click or hover), it doesn't work on mobile devices. A tap on the entry in the main level doesn't open the submenu. In the preview in TT I see hover to open, but obviously hover can't work on a mobile touch screen.
On mobile devices the main level entry will not open at all on tap, if there are submenu items.

Furthermore I can't find a setting to open submenus always expanded on mobiles.

What to do to get menus with submenu entries working on mobile devices?



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Please open a support ticket with your TTR and URL to the website  for quick solution:

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Same problem here. I've noticed that after clicking on a random link of the page content, the submenu items work again. I can reporduce this. It's only in the mobile mode.
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