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Hi, I found that when I create a Joomla template based on a sample template, the preselected template style is Wordpress.

Now I know that I can change this :) but I think the appropriate style should be preselected. It's strange when the default export style for a Joomla template is Wordpress :D


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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

Each design can be used for all the CMS. TemplateToaster automatically converts it according to the CMS selection.
by michaelkrauth (220 points)
Thank you for your answer.

You are right, but:
When I select Joomla as CMS, then Wordpress is preselected. For a beginner like me who don't look on the style selection it's confusing. Now I know this but my first contact with TT was frustrating because I missed, that there was a Wordpress logo and export didn't create a Joomla Template, although I selected Joomla at programm start.

In my opinion it would be better that the style is preselected because I made a selection already in the first screen. If I have to set the style type again, the first selection screen is needless.

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