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I want the submenu to be aligned right (Whole box) from the main item.
As it is now dropping to the left, and is outside of my template.

[ img ]

Any idea how to fix it?

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by simon (2.3k points)
I too am having problems moving the submenus. I just can't find a way to move them either left or right and up or down. Help please?
by simon (2.3k points)
Still no answer from TT on this matter. The only way I can increase the space of the submenu from the parent is by using top margin in the submenu item but this puts a margin between all the items in the submenu and all I want is to drop the whole submenu container down under the parent.

Please TT can you provide an answer please?
by james (5.3k points)

Please open a support ticket at with the exported template and the .ttr file.
by revivemypc (160 points)
That's not a very good answer. How about sharing it with the rest of us? We can't see the ticket and I'm having the same issue :(
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