in Joomla Templates by mikehd70 (160 points)
is there a way to edit pre built text in header
only why i can change it is in template after i have uploaded it
would be nice to have option to change it
same goes for footer

any ideas

5 Answers

by templatetoaster (24.6k points)
TemplateToaster support editing title and slogan text within its user interface by double clicking on it, we are aware that it sometimes doesn't allow users to edit normally, it'll be fixed in next version, meanwhile try clicking on title or slogan many times one by one carefully and you should be able to edit that default text.
Thanks for the tip. however, if you delete ALL the text in the Title or Slogan, and then the edit box loses focus, you WILL NOT be able to enter anymore text. Manually editing the .ttr file will crash TT when you open the file to edit.

Why not make the .ttr file more edit-friendly, so that mistatkes like the above can be overcome.

In the next version, please just bring back the Title and Slogan text boxes at the top of the editor. The click-to-edit system, while well intentioned, just isn't working out.

My original post was regarding the Styling of the text. While I didnt change any of the prefix configuration for the sidemenu item in my Joomla project, a modified template/export "somehow" cleared up the issue. The SideMenuIcon.png image is aligned properly, and the Menu Name assigned in the Joomla administrator appears properly.

I have no explanation as to why it worked with v.0.25 of my template, as I changed many things. I all I can say is that it 'just started working'.
This problem has been COMPLETE SOLVED with version 1.5
by alinamike (140 points)
Can one export a Joomla TemplateToaster template as right to left format?
by james (5.3k points)
Yes you can ,while exporting joomla template there will be a checkbox for RTL, check that box and get your template in right to Left format.
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