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I am close to releasing my first TT theme on my website but existing comments and new comment form are appearing above the content (a view). I have switched from Artisteer (after many years of declining Drupal support) and I am generally very pleased with TT except for this issue.

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by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Please open a support ticket with your site URL for quick solution:
by mpw (200 points)
I already had ...
by drupal7rus (140 points)

Ещё год назад писал об этой проблеме, но не кто не хочет исправлять это в TT.
Создавал тикет, но техподдержка просит доступ к сайту.
Какой администратор даст доступ к своему сайту? Не понимаю.
A year ago, wrote about this problem, but who do not want to fix these problems in the TT.
I created a ticket, but the tech support requests access to the site.
Which administrator will access your site? I do not understand.

by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Please provide me your support ticket id.
by mpw (200 points)
Thanks for the response on the support ticket. I can now get it working but ...

I expect that you will add a fix to the core product as it will be VERY INCONVENIENT to have to edit the code TT creates every time I tweak a theme. Especially as I maintain and develop many sites. I use a theme editor so I don't have to maintain custom code so this 'fix' will not be a viable long term solution for me.

by mpw (200 points)
I am impressed with support as it is fixed in the latest released build less than a week after I raised the issue. Still struggling with other issues creating a theme (to replace a working Artisteer theme) for an image rich Drupal 7 site. But that's another question.
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