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Recently transferred Template Toaster to a new machine by uninstalling and then downloading the lastest and reusing the activation code on my new laptop.  That was about two weeks ago and I had a system failure that was easier to just rebuild the laptop.  I did deactivate Template Toaster before I did that and now it tells me "This Key is not valid for installed version." when I try to activate it on the new fresh install.

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Our Updates Policy: You can use your purchased TemplateToaster version for lifetime. We offer free updates for one year with every license, it means you’ll be able to upgrade to all the versions released within one year, after that period you can either update your subscription or continue using your purchased version. Yearly updates renewal(if needed) will cost you 40% of original product price.

You made the initial purchase on 15-Jan-2015 and your free updates period expired on 14-Jan-2016.

To renew simply login to your profile page using your registered email and you'll see a renew button on bottom right side:

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Okay, I see that I can't get new downloads whenever.  Can't I just get a copy of the last version I am licensed for and register with that?
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