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I have used Aristeer since it was launched and now have over 60 client sites using an Artisteer template. Their latest venture, Themler, is an absolute joke of a product - really slow and very user un-friendly.

So far, I'm loving Template Toaster & would love to see the ability to import an Artisteer project.

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by achmadrudyfirdaus (140 points)
Templatetoaster has its own advantages, and it is true.
by revivemypc (160 points)
That has got to be THE worst answer I've ever seen - What has your answer got to do with the question???????
by revivemypc (160 points)
I'm in a similar situation and I've just had to purchase Template Toaster because of that poor excuse of a theme designer called Themler. I've never seen anything so user unfriendly or slow in my life.

If I could import my artisteer templates to TT, then that would save me having to recreate them manually (which I'm currently trying to do but struggling a bit to be honest as I could do with some features adding to TT that don't seem to be there, such as the ability to edit the html code in a column).
by davidbowen (160 points)
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Adding an import Artisteer template option to TT would boost their sales no end. Like us, there must be a lot of users out there who think that Themler is a joke...
by revivemypc (160 points)
Absolutely. Are you finding it a bit weird that you can't edit a table in TT once inserted or the fact that there is no option to add or amend the html it creates it case you need customise it?

I've just spent a small fortune on this and so far the lack of simple features like this really frustrates me (unless I'm missing something?)
by davidbowen (160 points)
Not come across those issues yet. is this in WP or another CMS?
by revivemypc (160 points)
Sorry, it was WP with content. Using artisteer, there is an option to manually edit the html and css it creates to enable you to do some fine tuning which worked quite well and in my opinion was a necessity due to the fact that artisteer made a colossal mess of the code once outputted to html or WP.

Unfortunately this isn't an option in TT (I've checked with the helpdesk and it's not possible at the moment although it's in the pipeline) so it kind of shoots itself in the foot there.

Another problem I'm having is that you don't seem to be able to edit a table once inserted (although I'm told otherwise, it didn't work for me). I have to put a border around a table because I can't see it. Once I've got the table looking how I want it to look I can't remove the border as you can't edit anything (table or html) which kind of makes it useless to me at the moment (I have to manually edit the code after I've exported it) :(

The feature to edit the code TT creates can't arrive quick enough as far as I'm concerned as this will make it a game changer for sure (I could edit the table manually if this option was available).
by davidbowen (160 points)
I never build content in the template, only within the CMS. I find this much easier to manage that way.
by revivemypc (160 points)
It's not adding content via TT or artisteer that the issue with me though, it's the lack of being able to edit the html within the program thats giving me a headache.

Although I could do it via the cms after I've made the template, if I'm being forced to edit the template this way then I may as well do the whole lot manually so I won't need TT or artisteer. The whole reason for me buying these programs in the first place was to speed up productivity which it currently isn't doing unfortunately :(
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