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TT6 (ver 8119)

Drupal 7

Using a single static header image set to Uniform, fluid layout, Responsive Layout width set to 100%  this only works to some extent. Between viewports  1920px and 1024px the header height gradually increases (while the window size decreases) its height by adding padding to the bottom of the header image, therefore pushing the content underneath further down the page. Trying to compensate for this, I reduce the top-margin of the content underneath but it just gets hidden by the added white padding of the header. I just cannot get this to work properly. Is there a way I can correct this added padding?  TT Support haven't been helpful. The TT/Drupal test site is: It's in a bit of a mess at the moment from trying different solutions to these issues.Thanks.

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Hi, Please refer to Ticket #726787.
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This still hasn't been properly dealt with in Ticket #726787 or here.
 I've had this issue for a month now and I am no further forward.
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