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I have a template for Joomla, created with TemplateToaster 5, that has our logo as a foreground image in the header. The logo is in PNG format. When I export this theme with TemplateToaster 6, the logo is no longer visible on the site.

I found that the logo in the exported template has been converted by TemplateToaster to JPG format, but the code in the CSS still refers to the .PNG file, which is not found, of course.

I tried to delete the logo (foreground image) in TemplateToaster 6 and then add it again, but it looks as if TemplateToaster 6 now converts it automatically to JPG format at the moment that it is imported, and the image quality is not good at all (unusable for a logo).

Can this be fixed, please? It worked fine (without JPG conversion) in TemplateToaster 5, and I am not happy at all with this conversion to JPG because of the loss of quality.

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We have generated this issue at our end. And Soon provide you the latest build of TemplateToaster.
by sarah (15.2k points)
The issue has resolved in the latest build of TemplateToaster Version: You can download it from here
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