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Dear community,

I am thinking about purchasing TemplateToaster and started to try it out with the demo version. I built a Joomla template and installed it, and everything worked fine. I have a third party Joomla component on my site which generates a blog list of specified articles. The article images in these blog entries are not formated like in other components. I wanted to inspect these images with the element inspector tool of the browser, but I am not able to find out where the css specifications for these images come from. The element inspector tool only shows the path of the inspected generated html file with a line number next to it, for example:

not as usually in the form of

My question: Is it possible to make this information visible for the element inspector? I found a forum entry on another site where someone wrote that in the TT generated template there is a script running which somehow hides the information of where the used css style originally comes from. I definitely need the possibility to find and edit the element style attributes after installation for debugging. Is this perhaps a "feature" of the demo version and will be turned off in the full version?

I would be very glad if you could answer and thank you all in advance.



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We are working on this feature, and try to provide it in the future release of TemplateToaster which is going to be release very soon.
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