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Is TT fully compatible with Windows 10?

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I upgraded a pc and laptop to win 10 . TT ran a bit quicker if anything. Unfortunately the same can't be said of windows. The laptop couldn't be shutdown or put into sleep mode and the PC Nic card refused to function so no internet or network.

Restored both machines to 7 pro.
by babamonkey (300 points)
Just Upgraded my Win 7 Ultimate 64 to Win 10 Pro.

Had 1st some troubles with graphic / audio drivers and also updates did not install and suddenly the Start-Menu did not open ... well .. 3 reboots later everything worked (even graphic/audio drivers got installed by windows .. or where activated, no idea .. i did nothing just reboot 3 times so no idea what the problem was. But however .. i hate the metro UI .. i got the feeling i'm using a fu.. android tablet..

Back to topic .. until now everything is working for me .. i only had to reactivate Temlatetoaster and some "other" Template creator .. even Photoshop and Office are still working.

So whatever i tested with TT until now .. it seems to be fully Windows 10 compatible... and working.
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