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I have an issue with my Drupal 7 theme in that there is no block position for menu. Having enabled the TT theme it seems that the 'main menu' is automatically asigned to the template horizontal menu area but on some pages (nodes) I require a different menu. Is there any way to select which Drupal menu goes in the menu block region?

There also seems to be an issue with handling multilingual menus as it seems to show 'all' menu items both in English and in our case Dutch. Please see the demo page where the menu continues below.

I have also submitted this as a support ticket but thought I'd post here in case anybody has come accross and resolved this issue.


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We have solved the issue in latest build( You can download latest version from

TemplateToaster Support
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I installed the latest build but I can't see a block region for main menu, see attached screenshot.

Many thanks

TTblock regions.JPG
I have downloaded the latest version of TT but I am experiencing the same symptoms. I used TT to design my theme (along with the main menu) but after porting my theme over to Drupal 7, I cannot identify the block region for main menus. Under structure-> blocks, the main menu is currently showing under "none" region. when I pick a region for the main menu, say MARegion00, it seems to be retaining the main menu that was imported from TT and also the main menu that is assigned to a specific region. Both the menus are also popping up on all admin pages e.g. block admin page, view page etc.. Am i doing something wrong> How can i prevent this behavior? Is there an open ticket already? Thanks!
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I am currently evaluating TT for creating Drupal themes (currently use Artisteer) and I have this problem. No Menu position and the ullustrative menu used for editing is transferred to the Drupal site. Has thi sissue not been resolved or am I missing something in my setup of TT and the theme template?
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