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I have a little issue with the background in my template. Maybe it is a setting I have overlooked, but maybe it is a bug.

When I create a (repeated) background with an image or just use a solid colour, it seems to stop after a certain distance. At pic 2.png you see the Canvas view that shows the background properly all the way to the bottom, but as soon as you go to the Live View panel (pic 3.png) or to the published page, a white part at the bottom of the page emerges. This happens both in FF and in IE.

Can you help me here please? :)

(EDIT: Forum bug found)
I cannot seem to upload. Error message:
Could not upload attachment to ./files/490_8063e48c09d0cbf50b898bf14b98338b.

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Thanks for reporting forum attachment and body background issues. We'll fix the body Background issue in next update, meanwhile you can overcome this by setting plain color in body background without any gradient and special effect.
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