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We made few improvements and added some few features in TemplateToaster 1.2 beta

1- Live theme/template editing. Upload your theme/template directly to your site and also edit it live directly from TemplateToaster.

2- Semi transparency

3- Layout level drag and drop. Now you can directly drag and drop the layout level elenets like menu, header, sidebar, footer etc.

4- Improved user interface

5- New styles for Side menu

6- New styles for Widgets/Modules

7- New special effects

8- Background color for Post

9- Icons for many elements

10- Direct editing option for typography: Now you can directly click on an element like Title, slogan, block header and so on and a tooltip having typography options would appear.

11- Grid Layout: Now you can display your WordPress posts in a grid layout like Joomla, there are options to select number of featured posts which would be displayed in full width and number of columns. You can find this option in theme options under File menu.

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