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I am using the Template toaster to generate Joomla templates, I think the program would be a very useful tool but I am encountering something that in my opinion could be very limiting. Is there any way to configure the main menu of the template to be in another place than the horizontal line? I want to make a template with the menu buttons in the right sidebar, but I could´t.
Could someone tell me if there is a way, or the program only allows to put the menu in the horizontal layout?

Otherwise the program is very promising, but I think that the design possibilities are very limited if the menu must be always in the same horizontal position.


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Hello Dany,

Currently TemplateToaster support the horizontal menu only on menu position but we are going to introduce the vertical menu (that will be in left or right sidebars) and lots of additional page layouts in next upcoming version(in few days).

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Thanks! that is really good to hear!
I´ll check for the update once in a while!

Thanks also for the quick response!

If I understand you correctly, you want a vertical menu? Just any vertical menu, or a vertical MAIN MENU ?

my TT theme has a horizontal MainMenu, and a series of vertical menus which act like submenus, depending on which MainMenu item you have clicked on.

For this to work, its mostly joomla configuration.

First, I styled the module in the left position the way i wanted it. In the CSS the styling prefix is " ttr_vmenu "

I then added a normal Menu module to the LEFT position, and configured the settings for the menu to use the prefix of _vmenu.

Then, from the MenuManager, I went to my menu, and started adding single_article links, and iframes, and other modules and plug-ins as desired ... normal joomla stuff at this point.

I set the permissions so that it would appear on NONE of the pages except those selected (as appropriate), and bingo! I had functional vertical menus INSIDE the MainMenu items. I even have SubMenuItems (flying out) from the vMenus.

This is totally doable.
by templatetoaster (24.6k points)
Actually Dany was using very old TemplateToaster version, now TemplateToaster support both Horizontal and Vertical menus.
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