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I Activated my copy of template toaster about 2 days ago and now it needs activating again which I cant do. can someone tell me how to fix this?


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by niall (540 points)
Having issues here as well the error message only states: There is some Network related problem please contact your system administrator.
I have tested on the Corporate network (no control of FW or rules, port access strictly controlled) and on the Dev Network, with the same results.
As there is no mention of the requirements for the Activation to work troubleshooting and making adjustments to the dev firewall could result in wasted effort.

Please advise. Purchased yesterday at 8:00 PM EDT and at 11:40 AM the following day the product is still not useable.

by niall (540 points)
Needed to tether my LT to my phone to get around corporate firewall issues.
Suggesting that a large corporation simply modify the firewall is laughable.
by dave134 (240 points)
I too was having problems with corporate firewall being an immovable object - glad to see the latest version allows me to activate without having to even touch it!
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