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You guys are awfully quiet for such a fantastic product. I’m getting ready to purchase it now and hopefully move away from my existing theme generator. So I must ask. Why are you not promoting this product more?!

MW Brower

I AM IMPRESSED! I just updated all my computers with the latest release and have been playing around with it. I can’t wait to finish the template I am constructing for my friend’s website.

John Akers

I am afraid more people are going to discover this tool, and discover how awesome it is because it could mean less work / customers for me !!!! TemplateToaster is THE BEST theme building tool I have used. Period.


I just became aware of this program a few days ago, while browsing the forum of another template-editor program. I really, really like TemplateToaster after using it for a few hours. It has a lot of features I was looking for, for some time (I focus on WordPress templates). Great piece of software, I will definitely be following this closely. Best regards,


I like the drag and drop features that this application has as this is the lacking aspect of existing applications. It would be great to see TemplateToaster grow to become a competitive product.


Amazing software. Support is always available. Paid for itself in my first project. A must have tool for serious web designers. Thumbs-UP!


I am in this field from last 15 years and have used almost every Web Design Software out there, but every tool pales in comparison with TemplateToaster.


Thanks, Been looking for something like this for YEARS!


I’m going crazy over this software. I have been developing with WordPress for the past 7 years, and this is the most powerful Theme Design Software ever created! I started using it in ALL my WordPress design projects.


You’ve got a big fan, I am going to share TT with my friends soon!!

Bill P

Just purchased the Templatetoaster Professional Edition License and I am very impressed. Software is easy to use, and still produce quality templates. I saw TT several months ago and started searching for something comparable and I must tell you, nothing comes close. Thanks for making my job a little easier.


TemplateToaster has really cut down on our man hours needed to design and maintain our websites. That time can now be spent on other tasks. Thanks!!

Alexander Schulz

First, let me say that I love TemplateToaster. I am running a small web design setup here in the Netherlands, I receive about 2 to 5 Joomla template orders daily and have employed 3 web designers. Earlier we were struggling to meet the demand, thanks TemplateToaster, now we can take even more orders and can offer more reasonable price to our clients.

Louis De Vries

I just wanted to thank your company for creating such a great product.


I Just wanted to say, “Great product!!” I heard about it few days back from one of my friend, and bought my license yesterday, after trying it for half an hour. Thanks for the Great Software.

Andreas Müller

Thanks again for making such a great product!


I have never seen such a brilliant Product support in my web design career of 14 years. Got 4 updates in a week, carry on guys you are the best.

Sam Hall

I\’m a paid customer and I just downloaded your latest update, and I wanted to say WOW, looking real nice, I have been updating every few days, and it keeps getting better, but this is a big improvement, I also have your competitors version. I like making template and converting them into what I like and then to web! So far very happy camper!</ p>


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