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asked Mar 19 in Wordpress Themes by nilssonkim64 (240 points)

Is there a way to build this in a wordpress blog?


featured image size, where do I find this?

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answered Mar 20 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

TemplateToaster provide option to select number of columns for blog page. To set blog post number of columns please follow the steps provided below.

Go To TemplateToaster -> Blog page -> Content -> Content -> Post -> Columns.

To set thumbnail size please follow the steps provided below.

Go To WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Media -> Thumbnail Size.

commented Mar 20 by nilssonkim64 (240 points)
Thanks for your reply!
I know how to make such a blog, but not how I get the photo without margins or padding ("in the box"). The text need the padding. So how is it possible to do this?
Featured Image I have also tried to change as you describe, but in the mobile the images are crazy to look at ....... I'm afraid that this does not help a lot
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