Comments not appearing in menu blog posts but appearing in preview and permalink

asked Oct 2, 2017 in Wordpress Themes by haranp12 (120 points) 1 flag
I am using Wordpress 4.8.2 with 2017 theme.
I can see my comments during my post preview and if I go directly to the permalink (
But if I go to my main menu and select posts, I cannot see the comment form. Even if I go to the menu page posts directly ( I cant see the comments.
I believe my comments are setup properly in the Discussion option as the comments can be seen in the permalink. So I will appreciate if anyone can advise what is not setup correctly ?

2 Answers

answered May 27 by princemoga (140 points)
edited Jul 31 by princemoga

Have you checked in settings.. sometimes comments section is disabled.. so we can't see this 

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answered May 28 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

It seems you want to display comment form on your blog page but WordPress provide comment form functionality for single post page not for blog page.

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