Startpage content not visible anymore

asked May 4 in Joomla Templates by ingo (420 points)

after updating to the current TT version I realised that the text of my start page is not visible anymore(same with 15018). The header is still there. When I activate an older template in the Joomla backend, everything looks okay.

In addition, it is not possible to go back to a previous build 14xxx once you have saved your project with 15xxx, the file cannot be opened...



2 Answers

answered May 4 by markus_ga (660 points)

Hallo Lisa, TemplateToaster Support.

The same here, the amounts are empty. That's exactly what I've found, but you can not find a mistake.

answered May 4 by lisa-west (25,040 points)

Please open a support ticket at with screenshot of the issue. Our support team will provide you an appropriate solution.

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