How can I use the "suggest" feature? Can't figure it out.

asked Sep 30, 2017 in General Discussion by johnsantana (120 points)
Just trying out the demo version to TemplateToaster and find it useful. I was just about ready to buy it, when I discovered that I could not get the "suggest" feature to work. That is, the little light bulb icon that shows in the documentation on the left side of the toolbar, never shows up for me.

I expect that it might have to do with individual templates, but I've tried various included templates, as well as starting from scratch. I also thought there might be a setting for it, but I can't find it. No clue at all.

This would be one of the most useful features to me, but I'm missing something. I'm using the Artisteer demo also, and while that program is not as up to date or comprehensive as TemplateToaster, at least the "suggest" button is always available and working.

I do hope you can help. I know it's a real nooby question, but I've looked through the docs and the forum, and can't figure it out.



1 Answer

answered Oct 4, 2017 by lisa-west (26,240 points)

'Suggest Design' option has been removed for TemplateToaster version 6 onward. Rather than 'Suggest Design' option, now there are multiple sample templates to choose from. These sample templates can be used/modified to design a theme/template.
Please Go To TemplateToaster -> General -> Templates.

commented Oct 4, 2017 by johnsantana (120 points)
Thanks. Just a suggestion: It would be helpful if the change was made clear in the documentation with some sort of special note or highlight. I spent some hours searching for something that had been removed, and it might save others the same headache.
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